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Ivan Staykov

Farmer from Nova Zagora
Ivan Staykov

"I appreciate BULOYL gavgavite schemes for suspension . "

BULOIL is our long-term partner - we have been working for more than 10 years. The reason to choose them is because their fuels and oils are certified, and because they offer very good programs for deferred payment and redemption. We can pay for their products with grain - barley, wheat , sunflower. Thanks to them, we have never been "strapped" for fuel.

Nowadays we buy mainly new equipment, and it demands high quality of the fuels and oils. Another key advangate of BULOIL is the accuracy and correctness of the supplies. We have always worked in the common interest, we are very pleased with the cooperation with Mr. Simeonov! Not surprisingly, I refuse offers from other companies - I feel morally obliged to BULOIL for everything they do for us.

Ivan Staykov

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