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Dimitar Mitev

Farmer from Nova Zagora
Dimitar Mitev

We have been working with BULOIL for more than 10 years. Of their product range we mainly use fuels, but also oils. We chose them as a partner because of the very good products that have the required certificates. The use of quality fuel affects the performance of the machines - for example when changing fuel filters. We are very pleased that their trucks use meters that show the amount of fuel at different temperatures. This helps to avoid errors when transferring fuel to the client.

The team responds quickly to our needs, supplies come in time and everyone acts expeditiously. Very important for us is the option for deferred payment . This helps customers save additional costs and get the products they need when they need them. In the future we will continue to work with BULOIL because with our new tractors we can not afford to use just any product.

Dimitar Mitev

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