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Alexander Kitev

Farmer with lands near Sofia and Ihtiman
Alexander Kitev

I have been involved in agriculture for the past seven years and I grom rape, sunflower, wheat and corn on an acreage of 17000 dka. I have been partnering with Bulagro for six of these seven years. I buy everything I need for my farm from them - seeds, fertilizers, crop protection, as well as fuel for my machines. From Bulagro Machines I bought a John Deere combine, model W650 and I am very satisfied with the service maintenance. I especially appreciate the prompt reaction of their technicians - even when they cannot come to our farm at once, they make a phone consultation and very often we manage to repair small damages within 30-60 minutes with their support. Thanks to the team of BULAGRO - their advice, recommendations, visits and observations in the field, I can say that I have reached a good level in my work.

I would like to wish BULAGRO to keep helping farmers do modern agriculture!

Alexander Kitev

Website: Alexander Kitev

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